What is Timekeeper.lk?
Timekeeper.lk is a website dedicated to providing easy access to bus and highway timetables, allowing users to plan their journeys efficiently.
How can I search for timetables on Timekeeper.lk?
You can search for timetables by entering the “from” and “to” location in the fields.
Can I contribute to the timetables on Timekeeper.lk?
Yes, you can contribute by providing timetable details. Go to Be a Time-Keeper page and send your info to us.
Do I need an account to use Timekeeper.lk?
No, you do not need any account to access Timekeeper.lk.
Is Timekeeper.lk available as a mobile app?
Currently, Timekeeper.lk is accessible through a mobile-friendly website. We are considering developing a mobile app in the future.
I have another concern
You can reach our support team by visiting the Contact Us page or by sending an Email.